What is RONAN R-Freight ?

RONAN R-Freight is a small scale, flexible, cargo agent located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The entire logistic process is our line of business.

This can be international transport by air, road, or sea, but also storage and national distribution.

RONAN R-Freight is small scaled, what means that you will know who you are communicating with and we know about the specific wishes and demands of our customers.

Due to cooperation with strong partners we are secured of enough buying power to be able to compete with other, often larger, companies in this market.

Besides handling regular cargo, we specialised in all kinds of cargo for which extra care is needed. This might be the transport of dangerous goods or radioactive material, for which the necessary certificates and licenses are present.

Also we are specialised in worldwide handling of shipments for exhibitions, testing purposes and repair. These shipments often have a certain time pressure. Knowing that these shipments will return again to shipper after being used, tested or repaired it is necessary to arrange customs formalities prior to transport, so no unnecessary charges will have to be paid.